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The Fairfax Math Circle (FMC) is a math enrichment program that focuses on exploration and problem-solving. It is a program dedicated to providing opportunities for motivated students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of math. We seek to broaden our students' perception of what it means to do mathematics and to be a mathematician. We provide students with the tools to play with mathematics in a deeper way, and with an environment in which they feel comfortable exploring new and challenging things. We work to expose them to math concepts they would not normally be exposed to in a tradition school setting. FMC is not designed as remedial math program, test prep or competition math.


Group Pi

For Middle School students that have completed Algebra 1.

Group e

For High School students that have completed Algebra 2.


Our wonderful instructors!


Dr. Robert Sachs

Lead Group e Instructor


Dr. Rebecca Goldin

Lead Group pi Instructor


If your child is interested in attending the FMC, please email us at fairfaxvamathcircle@gmail.com and tell us about your child's age, grade, and math level. If accepted, your child will be able to join 2-3 sessions to make sure FMC is a good fit before officially registering.


  • What is Math Circle?

    Math circles originated in Eastern Europe. They are similar to school math clubs, but more intensive. The leader of the circle is usually a professional mathematician (university professor or graduate student) and the topics covered are not standard school math. In a well-run math circle, the atmosphere is fun, intensive, and playful. Work is done collectively as well as individually.

  • Who may attend?

    Any student who lives in DC metro area who will be in grades 6-12 during the current academic year is eligible. Beyond that, the student must have a demonstrated strong interest in mathematics.

  • Is this program remedial?

    No, this is an enrichment program. It is not for everyone. The ideal student should already have a very strong interest in mathematics that is manifested by curiosity, or a passion to learn.

  • Is this an acceleration program? Can students attend the Fairfax Math Circle in place of standard courses?

    No, the FMC is just for enrichment. We will cover non-standard topics and look at traditional topics in great depth and from different points of view. Students will learn a lot, and if all goes well, will become highly motivated and efficient learners of any type of mathematics, but they will not be accelerating through any of the standard mathematics curriculum.

  • Is there homework?

    There is no mandatory homework. However, it is suggested that students take the questions home or to friends and continue to explore the topics outside of the Math Circle time.

  • Where is the program located?

    The classes are held at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia. We do not give the building or room number information on our website, and only release this information to approved applicants.

  • How many students will there be?

    In past years, we usually we had about 35 students with 2 teachers attending each week.

  • How much does it cost?

    Dues are $100 per academic year.

  • Can parents volunteer?

    There are plenty of opportunities for parents to volunteer either by signing up a room parent during one of the FMS sessions and in helping as a parent administrator. Click here if interested!


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